Some Questions and Answers

Here is a brief explanation of some of the questions you may have about the Plexus CHALKBOARD.

Who maintains CHALKBOARD ?

CHALKBOARD is owned and maintained by Plexus Art & Communication. PLEXUS also provides a "Window" to participating sites as a free service. Anything you post on CHALKBOARD automatically has a joint copyright held between you and Plexus Art & Communication. PLEXUS rigorously protects the intellectual property of its constituents. You may not quote from CHALKBOARD or PLEXUS in another medium without first receiving the permission of both the author(s) of the text and Plexus Art & Communication.

Can I put html tags anywhere in my posts?

No. You cannot use HTML tags in any field except in the body of the message. Your html markup will appear in the posting as hyperlinked text.

Why are there colons in the message when I try to post a followup?

Colons appear in the message dialog box when you try to followup up on a message to indicate that those lines are quoting the previous document.

Why didn't my post show up?

Your post most likely did not show up, because your browser did not reload the page, it simply pulled it out of the cache. Please reload your browser and it should then appear.

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