Following is a excerpt from one of Antonin Artaud's last works;

"To have done with the judgement of God".
It has served as a major inspiration for this project.

« And what has been your purpose, Mr.Artaud, in this radio broadcast?

In principle to denounce a certain number of officially consecrated and acknowledged social filths.
This emmision of infantile sperm given free of charge by children with a view to the artificial insemination of fetuses,
still to be born,that will see the light of day,in a century or more.

To denounce, in this same American people, who occupy the entire surface of the former Indian continent, a revival of the warlike imperialism of ancient America which caused the Pre-Columbian Indians to be dispised by all precedent mankind.

You are expressing here, Mr. Artaud, some very bizarre things.

Yes I am saying something bizarre, the fact is that the Pre-Columbian Indians were, contrary to whatever one might have believed, a strangely civilized people, who had in fact known a form of civilization based on the exclusive principle of cruelty.

And do you know exactly what cruelty is?

Just like that, no, I don't know.

Cruelty, It's to extirpate through the blood, and as far as the blood,

The bestial risk of unconscious human animality, wherever it may be encountered.

Man, when he is not held back, is an Erotic animal.
He has within him an inspired tremor,
A sort of pulsation, Producing innumerable beasts, which are the form of the ancient terrestrial peoples.
Universally attributed to God.

That made, what is called a spirit.

Now, this spirit which came from the American Indians is reappearing a little bit everywhere, today,
in scientific guise, which serves only to reveal this spirits' morbid infectuous hold, the salient state of vice, but a vice pullulating with diseases.
For laugh as much as you wish, what have been called
microbes, is in fact God.

And do you know what the Americans and the Russians make their atoms with?

They make them with the microbes of God.

You are raving Mr.Artaud. You are mad.

I am not raving. I am not Mad. I am telling you that microbes have been re-invented in order to impose a new idea of God.

A new way has been found to make God come out again, and to catch him in the act of his microbial noxiousness
Its to nail him to the heart,
There, where men love him best,
In the form of sickly sexuality,
In that sinister guise of morbid cruelty which he dons in the hours when it pleases him,
As it does now to Tettanize and madden humanity.

He uses the spirit of purity of a consciousness that has remained ingenious like mine to asphyxiate it with all the false appearances which he spreads
universally through the spaces, and it is thus that Artaud the momo can appear to be halucinating.

What do you mean, Mr. Artaud.

I mean that I have found the way to have done once and for all with this monkey.

And if nobody believes anymore in god, everybody believes more-and-more, in man.

And it is man that we must now decide to,Emasculate.

How so? How so?

By having him undergo once more but for the last time an autopsy,
In order to remake his anatomy.

I say, in order to remake his anatomy.

Man is sick because he is badly constructed.

We must decide to strip him in order to scratch out
this animalcule
Which makes him itch to death.

god,and with god his organs.

From whatever angle one approaches you,
you are mad, mad enough to be tied down.

When you have given him, a body without organs,
then you will have delivered him from all his automatisms,
and restored him to his true liberty.

Then you will teach him again, to dance-inside out.
As in the delirium of dance halls.
And that inside out, will be-his true side-out."