A controversial theorist, whose ideas have been at times attacked as "not even fallacious", Terence McKenna has suggested the possibility that this shift may have resulted from early man's encounter with psychedelic substances existing in nature.

We are in no position to refute such an idea, as marginal as it might appear on the surface.

And, what might the consequences of such unusually rapid change have been, however catalyzed?

At best we can pose the question, and give voice to some nagging suspicions. Real answers to these questions could only be reflected in the accumulated work of many lifetimes.


From the perspective of an artist, one cannot help but notice that the most interesting and useful material has a way of arising from a nonverbal part of the self. Suddenly, it is there, without explanation, without announcing its arrival. What distinguishes art from everything else is miserably difficult to elucidate, and to even hazard a distinction is, as often as not, an invitation to a brawl.

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