We find ourselves grappling with an abstraction from the blind side. The history of thought is the history of bifurcations, schisms, splitting off, the constant division into disciplines, that sooner or later subdivide and go their own way, novel mental life forms, speaking mutually incomprehensible specialized dialects.

Before there was either art or religion, something existed that was both, and which must have emerged due to psychic necessity, an organic response to the challenges of survival.


Camille Paglia recounts Jung's idea that modern chemistry and depth psychology both grew out of the compost of medieval alchemy, which in turn had its roots in Egypt, Khem, Al-Khem.


And that compost, in turn was formed from the decay of earlier thought forms, both branching off and collapsing into one another, old myths engulfed by new ones and deeply transformed in the process.

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