Lab is a selection of artworks made with network, digital, audio or video media. You can enter any of the projects listed below, or navigate directly to an artist from the pull down options above.


Curated by Yu Yeon Kim and Stephen Pusey, OMNIZONE sets out with an impossible premise - to map the Internet through the works of artists who engage its dynamic relationships.


Alison Craighead and Jon Thomson


Using the format of the early arcade game, Space Invaders, this work extends the artists' thesis on copyright. "In effect Trigger Happy becomes a folly. A self-defeating environment looking at the relationship between hypertext, authorship and the individual."
(see also their "Attributed Text" in OMNIZONE).


Sawad Brooks


A machine for constructing surface. The cursor movement over the Topograph grid is interpreted as "energy" at a specific coordinate., The grid is thus energized and dynamic relationships are triggered among its component cells ...

(See also Monument by Sawad Brooks and Beth Stryker in OMNIZONE

Floating Point Unit


An analysis and observation of the "composite" body as it is filtered and reassembled through the channels of electronic media and the Internet., To journey through this experience is to discover how we are currently disseminated and collectively reconstituted.


Lee Boot


An exploration of the plexus of networked existence. The artist presents a variety of models and conversations that investigate the formation and implications of the Internet., "I ... think of this website as the node, and the Internet itself as a huge morass of connections and real choices".

(See also an extension of this work in OMNIZONE


Morgan Garwood


Contemporary radio has become the inner monologue of the collective consciousness ... it has transformed from an entertainment and news medium into a "psychological medium", a connective ether which thinks for the listener. It is a most appropriate domain to counter-colonize.
(This work is temporarily offline)

Other works and texts by Morgan Garwood on PLEXUS are Psychoactive Acts and also within OMNIZONE


Kyeong Il Park


An ironic portrait of post-war Korean culture - its uneasy absorbtion of American iconography, its endemic tension of impending military conflict, and its embrace of the future., This work, contains five sections. Some script (containing political references) is in Korean - we will eventually provide an English key to their meaning

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