Richard Tuttle
September 21, 1989
for Karl Hikade

Richard Tuttle Whiteness 15, 1994
Wood, styrofoam, paint and cloth 29 1/2 x 31 1/2 inches. Sperone Westwater, New York Photo: J.P. Kuhn, Zurich

1. Art is temporary in the mind of the viewerólike the vision in the past, it holds the viewer.

2. Anywhere art stands in being relation, art stands alone, "being relation" being solvent upon matter.

3. Whichever way counts like others, is like others. In art the same effort always precedes.

4. Being necessitates givens. Acquiring givens, like art, is past procedurism pluraled.

5. Time threatens back to time-ic wondering, transforms, adjusts, falls, like art, orange on a landscape.

6. Storyline coursing laterally, doomed to submission in sand, springs back, clearly echoing art's values.

7. Height frequency zeroes backward to rocksócan I say "purpled"?ópurpled, like rocks in art's sister spokesman, here.

8. The range might carry scratched earth, which way the sun decides, touching in shadows as it goes. Art decides whenever it goes.

9. The touch that generates pure space is forward. Can we see it written about? Parallelism, art, come back into your own.

10. Over there, it listens. Art possesses. A rainbow would tell us not artóthe edge of issues. In the dryness, I am thinking.

Richard Tuttle Whiteness 16, 1994
Wood, nails, string and styrofoam, 32 1/4 x 36 1/4 inches
Sperone Westwater, New York Photo: J.P. Kuhn, Zurich


Totality                   be                   aunt

                    so, -brearchy

    he will as always wash the will


Richard Tuttle is an artist living in New Mexico. He is represented by Sperone Westwater in New York.


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