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Special Feature

"The Machine Stops" by E.M.Forster. (This prophetic story was placed online at the inception of PLEXUS in 1994.)

Essays and Reviews

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Robert C. Morgan
Paik's Fragments
The End of The Art World

Dominique Nahas
Effective History


Dore Ashton
An Anarchist on Anarchy

Bill Bace
The 1995-1996 AICA AWARDS

J. Bowyer Bell
The Color of Modernism: The American Fauves at Hollis Taggart Gallery

Horace Brockington
David Levinthal: Black Face

Maia Damianovic
Sorry, we didn't mean to offend

John Goodrich
Rebel Without A Pose

Jane Harris
Carolee Schneemann

April Kingsley
Unravelling The Marvelous

Robert C. Morgan
The Fundamental Theology of Gilbert and George
Whitney Biennial Makes History: The End of the Installation

Steve Mumford
Art and Adolescent Megalomania: Boy Toys and Other Cool Stuff
Mark Francis
Leap of Faith

Robert M. Murdock
Alfred Jensen & Tony Smith

Dominique Nahas
Joan Banach
Antonin Artaud
Light and Color
Joseph Marioni
Up to and Including Her Limits
In Focus: The 1997 Whitney Biennial
John Gruen
Liisa Roberts
Hans Accola, James Angus, and Fischli & Weiss
The Importance of Being Neher

John Perreault
Gillian Jagger: Crossing the River
Betty Woodman: The Joys of Negative Space
Dada Perfume: A Duchamp Interview

Stephen Pusey
Luca Buvoli at John Weber Gallery

Michael Rush
Man Ray at Rue Ferou

Ezra Shales
On Ginsburg Dying

Margaret Sheffield
David Rankin

Alexandria Anderson-Spivy
Longevity's Paradoxes and Rewards: Beatrice Wood and George Rickey
An Emissary from the Goddess and Some Remarkable Royal Women

Joe Vojtko
A Living Testament of The Blood Fairies

Jeanne C. Wilkinson
Both Sides Now
After the Fall
Tim Lefens
Ellen Sayers

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